In-School Resources

Jewish Family Service provides on-site assessment, and parent and teacher consultation for students experiencing social or emotional difficulty adjusting to classes and/or the school environment. This service is available for students and schools from preschool through high school.
Option 1: Call Intake


Leave a message on our confidential voicemail with name, phone number, name and age of child, and type of service requested. You may expect a call within 24-48 hours for an initial intake.

Option 2: Email Intake

Complete this short form and email it to A staff member will contact you to complete the intake paperwork.

In-School Resources for Children & Teens

School Mental-Health Counseling

We work with parents and school personnel to identify any special needs and provide services as appropriate.

School and Family Liaison

We work closely with parents and school personnel to create and implement plans to address a child’s behavioral, academic and social development.

Student Observation

Our licensed professionals observe children in the school environment, in the classroom or on the playground.

Parent-Child Counseling, Intervention, and/or Referrals

At the request of the student, parent, teacher, or administrator, our counselors meet with parents to address a variety of issues affecting the child’s school performance. If the problems require on-going intervention, families will be referred to professionals outside the school as appropriate.

Classroom Groups

Our counselors work weekly with each class using pre-set curricula—such as “Kids Connection,” “Youth Connection,” and “Second Step”—to teach empathy, anger management, impulse control, and bullying prevention.

In-Service Training for Teachers

Our counselors provide in-service education for teachers and administrators on topics requested by the schools.

Speaker Workshops

We bring professionals to the schools to speak to children and parents on topics such as eating disorders, bullying prevention, early childhood nutrition, and human development.

School Mental-Health and Special Needs Support Teams

Our school mental-health and special needs support teams work closely with local schools and families to support a successful school year. We can provide in-service programs on a variety of topics and our JFS team works closely with parents and schools to provide a variety of services as needed to help students succeed.

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