Career & Financial Services

Jewish Family Service offers assessment, counseling, job search training assistance, Microsoft Office training courses, and selective placement services to help the unemployed, underemployed and persons with special needs (physical and emotionally disabled, single heads of households, New Americans, and the elderly).

Career Guidance

Our career coaches provide individualized assistance to identify career options/alternatives in employment transition. The focus is on placement, improving job-search effectiveness, achieving career goals and re-employment.

Job Search Resource Center

This Center provides job seekers: Job leads, networking contacts and job-search information, use of phone, computers, fax, copier, and Internet directory.

To employers, we provide (at no cost): candidates resume book, and job requisition posting service.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm; Friday: 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm; Closed Tuesdays

Financial Coaching

Are you prepared for your financial future? Schedule a free Financial Coaching Session at JFS to find out!

Financial Coaching is part of the Working Families Success Program, which aims to prepare individuals and families for a future of self-sufficient security. Through this program, our Financial Coach will utilize techniques and set attainable financial goals to help guide you and/or your family.

Attend one of our Financial Education Workshops to learn more about how our free, private, one-on-one financial coaching services can help you and your family. Email Kennedy Thayer for more information.

Services for Special Needs Clients

Services are tailored for disabled/special-needs individuals and we provide direct assistance in job-search training, job placement, and on-the-job training. Our primary referral source is the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

Services for Veterans and their Families

Open to anyone in need, Career & Financial Services at Jewish Family Service provides career counseling services for veterans, wounded warriors and their spouses and family members. Our specially-trained professionals offer long-term support and career guidance to help our community’s veterans, wounded warriors and their families identify strengths to transition into a successful career. Click here for more details about Veterans Services.

For more information about any of our Career and Financial Services, please contact Director of Career and Financial Services Allison Harding at or 972.437.9950.

To submit a job opening for posting on our website visit our job leads page.

Online, Verified Job Leads

To view current job leads, visit here.


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