Masks are required when entering our building. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of all clients, volunteers, and staff.

Counseling & Therapy

We provide a clinical, therapeutic service to address the following through individual, family, marriage or group counseling: personal emotional crises such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and/or serious personal difficulties including conflicts in interpersonal relationships such as marriage or peer friendships.
Option 1: Call Intake

972-437-9950 x340

Leave a message on our confidential voicemail with name, phone number, and type of service requested. You may expect a call within 24-48 hours for an initial intake.

Option 2: Email Intake

Complete this form and email it to A staff member will contact you to complete the intake paperwork.

Counseling & Therapy for Adults

Adults counseling
Individual Counseling

Through one-on-one counseling, we help people identify and understand their feelings, develop skills and behaviors, including challenges related to gender identity and sexual orientation.

Counseling therapy
Marital Counseling

Our licensed professionals help build stronger marriage relationships by identifying concerns and improving communication.

Counseling therapy
Pre-Marital Workshop

Participants in this group learn the skills to develop a solid foundation for a successful marriage.

Counseling therapy
Family Counseling

Our licensed professionals help build stronger families by improving communications and relationships.

Counseling therapy
Family Violence Counseling and Intervention

We help individuals or families coping with emotional, physical, or sexual abuse reach physical and emotional safety. Learn more about our Family Violence Services.

Counseling therapy
Parent/Child Support

We offer a variety of services to help strengthen the parent/child relationship, whether learning to parent young children or issues related to adult children with aging parents.

Counseling therapy
Grief Support Groups

For adults of any age who have suffered a loss through death, we offer two different support groups. For more information, please see Support Groups.

Counseling therapy
Care Management

For adults whose needs are best met by a care manager to coordinate services, the care manager will assess needs, abilities, and resources; develop a plan for support, including external referrals if necessary; and monitor progress.

Children Teens counseling therapy

Mental Health Addiction Counseling

Open to anyone in need, JFS offers comprehensive services to troubled youth, adults and older adults with addiction disorders including substance abuse and dependence, eating disorders, sexual addiction, self-harm and other addictive behaviors.

These services address related mental health issues such as suicidality, depression and anxiety and include support for parents, siblings and other family members.

Individual and Family Counseling
Behavioral Treatment
Recovery Support
Psychotherapy Groups
Family Support

This specialized community resource will help those battling addictive behaviors find help and hope for as long as needed.

Counseling & Therapy Video Playlist

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