Computer Courses

Today’s employers require the ability to use MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Improve your employability by improving your skills with these programs, increasing your chances of getting hired with our free, 4-week training course.

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To provide professional, effective and affordable mental health and social services that promote lifelong self-sufficiency and well-being for anyone in need.

7th Annual Diaper Shower

Did you know that food stamps don’t cover diapers? Without diapers, a child can’t go to daycare and without daycare, a parent can’t go to work to support the family. That’s why every year we ask the community to help us stock the JFS Food Pantry with diapers, pull-ups, and wipes for families in need. In 2016, we collected more than 62,000 diapers and 30,000 wipes. Save the date for our 7th Annual Diaper Shower, October 22nd, 2017!

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PLAN Clubhouse

We are excited to officially have the Planned Giving Assistance Network at JFS! PLAN Clubhouse is their newest offering for adults with mental illness and their families.

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Thank you falls so short of what I would like to express. My pantry is full, my mind relieved, and my heart has new faith in humankind.With gratitude and love, thank you for your selfless work.

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