The Priya Fund: Growing Jewish Families

Through community education and fundraising, the fund’s purpose is to financially assist Dallas couples with reproductive difficulties by providing them with grants to help with medical or adoption costs. The average fees for fertility treatments, not covered by insurance, can range from $800 to more than $12,000 for one cycle. Adoption can cost as much as $40,000.

For information about applying to the Priya Fund, please contact or call (972) 437-9950 x340

What Does Priya Mean?

The word Priya means being “fruitful” in Hebrew. It comes from one of the first instructions that G-d gave to humanity. The Priya Fund was established to help those in our Jewish community create families. By giving to the Priya Fund you have the opportunity to impact the Jewish future.

“We truly feel like there should not be a financial barrier for couples who want to bear children. The Priya Fund put this barrier down for us.” – Grateful family

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The Priya Fund was created by a grateful Dallas Jewish couple and originated at the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation (DJCF) to assist others with the financial impediments associated with infertility or adoption. Today, The Priya Fund is a part of Jewish Family Service so that couples can have direct access to a continuum of mental health and social services while they are going through the highs and lows of trying to start a family.

Since the fund’s inception, thanks to generous donors, the fund has made over $80,000 in grants resulting in 15 babies by birth or adoption. The Priya Fund is one of the only charitable funds in the country that provides this type of assistance to Jewish couples of every Jewish denomination.

How It Works

An Advisory Committee, comprised of medical doctors and lay leaders, review redacted applications and designate allocations to couples. Applications are submitted online at the link below to the JFS Priya Fund Coordinator.

The grant is to be used only for future treatments. Currently, we need additional funds to be able to distribute to more couples. Due to the volume of applications, priority will be given to couples without children but all couples are eligible to apply for first time support or to reapply a second time.

Additional Resources

Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association

Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association has a special fertility/adoption loan.


CoFertility, is a one-stop resource for fertility health, treatment, and planning options. They also have a Find a Grant Tool to learn more about fertility funding options that are available.

Beverley Lewin, LMSW, LCPA
Adoption Consulting

Beverly Lewin has been helping families adopt children from all over the world since 1991. She provides
adoption counseling, home study preparation, and post-placement study preparation. Contact her at or 972-960-6924.

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