Newlywed Couples Workshop

The Newlywed Couples Workshop is specifically created for newlyweds (couples married under 5 years), couples who are in a long engagement, and couples who feel that they could use some relationship tools to enhance their marriage.

The workshop is an excellent choice for individual registration and can also be a thoughtful and enduring wedding or engagement gift for a loved one. Additionally, we can host workshops for groups, whether it’s for a congregation or your local support group.


Discover Dr. John Gottman’s Insights

Dr. John Gottman, a distinguished American psychologist and renowned expert in marital stability and relationship analysis, has provided valuable insights into building stronger relationships.

Since 2006, Beth Broodo, MS, LPC, RYT, has worked with JFS to help individuals and couples by facilitating groups to enhance relationships. In 2014, Beth received training from John Gottman (level 1) at UTSW, and has since been leading Couples Workshops based on his research and teachings.

Structure of Class

Workshop is a 6-week psychoeducational course.
Each session is 2 hours and meets once per week at Jewish Family Service.

Times and dates for the next workshop are:

  • Summer Session 2024 (From 6:00-8:00pm)
    Next course dates: May 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12

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Course Highlights

Strengthen Your Marriage

Explore fundamental principles and tools to enhance friendship, resolve conflicts (both solvable and unsolvable), define roles and goals, and establish shared meaning.

Deepen Self & Partner Understanding

Gain valuable insights into yourselves and your partner, including your conflict style, love language, basic needs, and triggers.

Structured Sessions

Each class follows a structured format, including a review of the previous week, an explanation of new material, interactive exercises applying the concepts, and opportunities to use the provided tools for communication with your spouse.

Engaging Learning

Classes are thoughtfully designed to accommodate various learning styles—auditory, visual, and kinesthetic—using a “hear it, see it, do it” approach.

End on a High Note

Each class concludes with a meaningful insight or takeaway, followed by a wrap-up session.

Participants will learn how to

  • Enhance a love map of their partner.
  • Nurture fondness and admiration.
  • Recognize their partner’s bids for affection.
  • Let their partner influence them.
  • Solve problems using the following 6 conflict management skills:
    • Softened startup
    • Repair and de-escalate
    • Practice physiological self-soothing
    • Understand their partner’s way of thinking
    • Accept influence
    • Compromise
  • Overcome gridlock using the aikido principle.
  • Deal with unsolvable issues.
  • Identify their default conflict styles.
  • Identify their love languages.
  • Avoid 4 common mistakes in marriage:
    • Criticism
    • Contempt
    • Defensiveness
    • Stonewalling
  • Use PAIRS talking tips.
  • Use the PAIRS empty the jug tool.
  • Discuss finances, roles & responsibilities, and decision-making processes.
  • Create shared meaning.

Satisfaction of Class

*The class is fully refundable until 48 hours before the start date. Within 48 hours of the start date, there is a $250 non-refundable deposit that can be used towards a future newlywed workshop. Timely attendance to each session is important for multiple reasons.  Each class builds on the others.  If you know ahead that you will miss a class, you can ask the instructor to record the session or zoom you in.   After completing the course, a couple will have 6 months to take the course a second time at no charge.   At any time, if you and your spouse feel that you need an individual therapy session with the instructor, you can let her know. 

Registration and Questions

The cost of the class is $1,200 per couple, with sliding scale fee and early bird discounts available. To Register, Contact Katy Kirkpatrick, JFS Billing Specialist, at 972-663-5525.

If you have any questions regarding the course or when & where the next course is, or you would like to organize a course at your synagogue or on zoom, please email Beth Broodo at

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