Centerpieces for Tzedakah

Support Food Pantry

Share your celebration with those less fortunate by purchasing
decorative Centerpieces for Tzedakah (charity).

Centerpieces are filled with (empty) kosher food containers to represent
your contribution to the JFS Food Pantry. Each gift is used to purchase
basic needs items, providing help and hope to those in our community
in need of emergency assistance.

Small Baskets = $18 (Chai)
JFS Centerpiece Small
JFS Centerpiece Small
Medium Package* = $23
JFS Centerpiece Medium
JFS Centerpiece Medium
Large Baskets* = $36
JFS Centerpiece Large
JFS Centerpiece Large

Whether you have a large social event or a simple dinner party, these customized centerpieces are designed to match your event’s theme, style and colors scheme.

Make the perfect addition to your table while directly supporting Jewish Family Service’s Food Pantry!

*limited | *balloons subject to availability

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