Tribute Cards

Giving in honor or in memory of someone is a meaningful way to recognize significant life events of your loved ones while also supporting the impactful work of JFS Dallas. You can make a gift in memory of a loved one, in honor of a birthday, religious holiday, anniversary, yartzeit, graduation, new baby, recovery from an illness, or other milestone.

Once you submit your tribute, JFS will mail a beautiful card to the person of your choosing to let them know a donation has been made in their honor. The cards feature hand-drawn illustrations that help tell the story of how your donation is being used to support our community.

Make a meaningful tribute in honor or memory of your loved one and support the impactful work across all of the departments of JFS Dallas. Your donation will fund the 140+ vital programs and services JFS provides to the greater Dallas community, including the Food Pantry, Emergency Assistance, Career and Financial Coaching, Family Violence Intervention, Holocaust Survivor Services, Older Adult Services, Cancer Survivor Services, Adult’s and Children’s Mental Health Support, and so much more.

The card features illustrations of several JFS services, along with a note informing them that a donation has been made. Tributes can be sent with donations of $18 or greater.

Make a tribute to a loved one in honor of a pregnancy, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or someone passionate about growing our community. For $36, you can send a tribute card to a friend or family member while making a donation to The Priya Fund. Your contribution can make a significant difference for a family struggling with infertility, helping them fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

The card features a vibrant Tree of Life design and the inspiring verse behind The Priya Fund’s name, “Be Fruitful and Multiply.” Inside, the card includes a prewritten message informing your loved one that a donation has been made in their honor. Tributes can be sent with donations of $36 or greater.

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