The JFS Northpoint Health Center is Now Open!

This month, JFS Dallas celebrated a remarkable achievement with the grand opening of the JFS Northpoint Health Center! This exciting project has been years in the making, with our leadership embarking on a journey over the past 18 months to learn, understand, and evaluate the idea of adding medical services.

We owe special thanks Les and DJ Weisbrod, long-time supporters who provided essential resources to turn this dream into reality, Lisa Prather and Lisa Atlas Genecov from Katten Law Firm for all their legal guidance, as well as the JFS Dallas Physicians Network chaired by Dr. Michael Landgarten, which includes Dr. Yan Lemeshev, Dr. Luke Peris, Dr. Rebecca Prengler, and Dr. Richard Wasserman, who provide oversight and ensure that JFS provides the highest quality of care.

The decision to establish the health center was spurred by the urgent need for healthcare access in Texas. We have identified approximately 793,007 residents in our service area who currently do not have a medical provider, often resorting to emergency room visits or going without care altogether.

The Northpoint Health Center is open to serve our entire community and offers a wide range of services, including adult and pediatric physicals, cancer screenings, women’s and men’s health exams, sick visits, behavioral health, chronic disease management, and more. Additionally, anyone who visits the health center will have access to all of JFS’s services, taking a holistic approach to cover physical health, emotional health, nutritional health, financial health, and overall well-being.

This initiative marks the first time a Jewish social service agency has ventured into providing medical services to its clients using this model. Not only does it expand our range of services, but it also aims to improve financial sustainability, which could inspire other nonprofits across the country to do the same.

Last year alone, JFS provided services to nearly 16,500 individuals, and by 2028, we anticipate serving approximately 55,000 individuals across all agency services. The Northpoint Health Center is open to anyone who calls to schedule an appointment.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for an annual physical, a flu shot, or if your child is feeling unwell, we encourage you to experience the JFS Northpoint Health Center for yourself. Simply call 469-780-4590 to schedule an appointment today!

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