COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance

In partnership with Dallas County, the City of Dallas, Collin County, and the City of Frisco, Jewish Family Service will be providing housing assistance for those individuals affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Each area has its own application that must be completed. Please click the link below for the area you live in and follow the directions on that page.

If you live in the City of Frisco and have already received emergency housing assistance from Jewish Family Service

If you live in Collin County but outside of the City of Dallas

If you live in Dallas County but outside of the City of Dallas


Click here to view the latest information (8/25/20) regarding rental assistance offered by The City of Dallas


As the COVID-19 pandemic is fluid, The Dallas City Council is sharing the following information regarding tenant rights:

Tenants may not be legally evicted without following the steps required by state law, which includes going through a court proceeding. Although eviction court proceedings have resumed as of June 15 in Dallas County, the City of Dallas is still under a disaster declaration. City of Dallas residents have additional protections provided in the City of Dallas COVID-19 Eviction ordinance if their delinquency is related to COVID-19. These protections include requiring landlords to present a Notice to Vacate to the tenant before pursuing an eviction. Currently, the City of Dallas COVID-19 Eviction Ordinance is in effect through July 11. More information is available here

 If you believe you are facing unlawful eviction, please contact the City of Dallas Office of Fair Housing and Human Rights, 214-670-FAIR (3247).  

Additionally, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has provided informational resources forRenters facing eviction and Homeowners facing foreclosure due to COVID-19.

We also invite you to share the attached social media graphics with your clients and on your communication channels.





Do I get the money directly?

No, the money is paid directly to the landlord for rental assistance and the lender for mortgage assistance or to the utility provider. Your landlord/mortgage company/utility provider must be willing to accept payment from any of the three non-profits partners on your behalf.

I have access to the internet, how do I apply for COVID-19 mortgage / rental assistance?

Each area has its own application that must be completed. Please click the link above for the area you live in and follow the directions on that page.

Will I have to pay the money back in the future?

No. The assistance is in the form of a grant, not a loan.

Are non-citizens who do not have all the eligibility documentation listed able to apply for the COVID-19 emergency rental or mortgage assistance programs?

Yes, undocumented individuals, who may not possess a US/Texas ID are still eligible to apply through non-profits partner applications.

Can I apply and receive assistance with more than one of the agencies at the same time?

When a client starts the process with one of the agencies, they are expected to stay with that agency for the duration of the grant process. Funds cannot be utilized simultaneously from multiple organizations.

I am a landlord, mortgage lender or utility provider, how do I get paid?

You will be contacted by staff at the email or phone number the client provided with the next steps once your tenant, mortgage, or utility client is approved for this grant. Payment will be processed within 2 weeks from grant approval.

Questions can be submitted to or by calling our office at 972-437-9950.

If you are looking for additional services and forms of support that Jewish Family Service can provide, please call our main line at 972-437-9950.