Increasing Awareness of the Plight of Holocaust Survivors in our Community

Currently, JFS cares for a vital population of Holocaust Survivors in the greater DFW community. We provide comprehensive care to 82 individuals, while 9 others receive various outreach supports, and 12 benefit from information and referral services. The number of Holocaust survivors worldwide is rapidly declining, and unfortunately, we have lost many members of our community due to age and illness. This underscores the urgency to ensure their comfort and dignity as they age in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Holocaust Survivor Care Program at JFS has been addressing this pressing need through several initiatives. Thanks to a grant from NJHSA, Uniper has been offered to many survivors, allowing them to enroll in a virtual senior center. Equipped with webcams and training, participants can explore the arts, engage in cognitive enhancement classes, learn fall prevention techniques, meet with their psychologist, case manager, Russian speaking clinician intern or trained volunteer, connect with others online, and ultimately enhance their overall well-being.

Moreover, JFS continues to expand its volunteer training programs, focusing on person-centered, trauma-informed care. Specially trained volunteers can join the Friendly Visitor Program, where they are matched with a Holocaust Survivor or an older adult seeking companionship and support. These volunteers check in regularly and receive support from our psychologist and volunteer coordinator to ensure the ultimate success in the program. A Friendly Visitor can be life-changing for an older adult in need of support, and many visitors from JFS have formed long-lasting connections with the individuals they assist.

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