JFS Blood Drive for Staff and Community

JFS is proud to host a blood drive for all our staff and community members to participate in on July 2nd! This will be the third blood drive hosted by JFS in recent years, and has been a great way for our staff to give back to the community. During last year’s blood drive, JFS staff and community members donated a collective 18 units of blood, providing life-saving support to 54 individuals in need.

The blood donated by our community is collected by the American Red Cross and is used to help cancer patients, trauma victims, patients with blood-related illnesses, organ transplant recipients, and many others. Saving a life, known as Pikuach Nefesh in Hebrew, is a paramount value in Jewish tradition and is considered one of the most important principles to live by.

If you are eligible to donate blood, you can participate in the upcoming July 2nd blood drive by clicking on the link below. Donations take about 30 minutes, and there are time slots available between 10am and 4pm.

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