Society of Life

Society of Life: JFS Major Donor Giving Society

Since its founding in 2005, Society of Life has given donors of $1,800 or more recognition for providing sustaining support to our wide array of expert mental-health and social services. These annual contributions make it possible for us to offer services on a sliding fee scale — that can go to $0 — ensuring no client is turned away because of an inability to pay.

We are pleased to introduce new giving levels and benefits within Society of Life. These expanded levels ($1,800–$50,000+) give us an opportunity to thank and engage our generous donors throughout the year with access to special events, unique opportunities to interact and learn more intimately about the work of Jewish Family Service, and public recognition of the vital support each donor provides to the agency.

A donor’s level will be determined by the cumulative amount given directly to JFS within our fiscal year (August 1 – July 31). Please note that this amount does not include in-kind donations.

These changes will also affect our annual fundraising events, Woman to Woman and Just For Show. What have previously been considered sponsorship benefits will now be a part of a donor’s Society of Life level benefits.

Additionally, the chart details all other benefits associated with each level of giving.


Any questions about the new Society of Life giving levels can be directed to Leah Guskin, our Senior Director of Philanthropy and Community Relations, at 469.206.1690 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the different benefits listed on the chart?

These informal, non-solicitation breakfasts are an opportunity for our donors to introduce their friends to JFS. The morning will consist of a quick presentation about who we are and what we do, followed by Q&A and a tour. Our Program Directors will join so that attendees can engage in deeper conversations about our services. Eligible donors will receive a list of available dates and can bring up to seven friends.

An intimate evening reception to thank all our Society of Life donors for their sustaining support, this reception takes place every fall. All eligible donors receive a personal invitation in the mail leading up to the event.

Create your own behind the scenes opportunity to experience an aspect of JFS that interests you and/or your family. Possible experiences include an individual or group lunch at the PLAN Clubhouse, a specialized tour of the Food Pantry with your family, neighbors or work colleagues, an in depth discussion and hands on training in our play therapy room, or a one on one meeting with a Program Director. These experiences can take place at a time throughout the year that best works for the donor. Our Director of Development will reach out to eligible donors to set up the experience of your choice.

This evening reception is an opportunity to thank our JFS Foundation Fund holders, donors, and board members. For our high-level Society of Life donors, this is an opportunity to learn about ways to create a lasting legacy with JFS through the Foundation. The reception takes place in the winter and eligible donors will receive an invitation in the mail leading up to the event.

Our signature fundraising event, this luncheon celebrates the power, influence, and impact of women while providing critical support for JFS programs and services. Men are always welcome!

Why did you make these changes to Society of Life?

In expanding the donor levels, we are offering our generous donors engagement opportunities that may lead them to increase their support: with increased access to special events, behind-the scenes interactions that will enhance their knowledge of the work of Jewish Family Service, and public recognition of the vital support each donor provides to the agency.

How will you calculate what level I fall into for Society of Life?

Your Society of Life level will be determined by the total amount you give to JFS within a single fiscal year. It does not include any in kind gifts.

Is this going to cut down on the number of requests I receive from JFS?

Yes. With a Fall and Spring Appeal as our focus, our plan is that donors will not just be giving to multiple solicitations at smaller amounts but rather “investing” in Jewish Family Service with a single gift each year. Donors will still receive information about upcoming JFS events and activities throughout the year, building our relationships with them.

What about gifts I make to upcoming events that JFS is part of like our Special Needs Partnership “SNP Honors” event or North Texas Giving Day?

Those gifts will all be counted towards your cumulative giving for the year.

I usually give to the Annual Appeal and buy a sponsorship for the major event. What do I do this year?

With your Society of Life gift to the agency at the $1,800 level or more, your sponsorship of the major event is included. This year’s event will be the Woman to Woman Luncheon. In choosing your level of support you will receive seats and other event benefits. Please refer to the levels included for more information.

I usually give to the Annual Appeal but I am not interested in coming to the event. What do I do with my tickets?

While we hope that you will consider joining us, you are welcome to give your tickets to friends or donate them back to the agency.

Wow! I get a lot of seats at the event with my donation. What if I don’t want to use all of them?

You are welcome to donate unused seats back to the agency.

I am usually a sponsor for the annual fundraising event. Will my name still be listed as a sponsor?

Your name will still be listed, but you are no longer just an event sponsor, you are a supporter of Jewish Family Service at the cumulative level of your giving. That listing will remain consistent for the entire fiscal year in all public communications and the Annual Report.

What about Corporate Event Sponsorships or those who just want to support the Woman to Woman Luncheon or Just for Show event?

All support for the event is considered unrestricted funds to the agency, something we are trying to promote with the one gift concept. We will still promote and actively pursue corporate and additional event sponsorships for the event with the added bonus that these donors will also receive additional agency benefits, furthering their involvement with JFS. We have also maintained individual tickets for our events for those community members who wish to attend that way.

I love the Society of Life Reception. Will that still happen this year?

Of course! We love that event too. In fact, we love gathering our donors together so much that we have added additional opportunity for you and our donor friends to engage with the agency. Be on the lookout for event invitations throughout the year based on your Society of Life level.

I remember getting a letter about the Society of Life changes but I don’t know where it is. Where can I find information about this new Society of Life structure or who can I talk with about my questions?

You can call Leah Guskin, our Senior Director of Philanthropy and Community Relations, at 469.206.1690 or and she would be happy to walk you through it.

Can you remind me what the JFS Fiscal Year is?

The JFS fiscal year runs August 1 – July 31

Can you tell me what I have given in the past?

Absolutely! Please contact Leah Guskin, our Senior Director of Philanthropy and Community Relations, at 469.206.1690 or She will be able to walk you through your giving history.