Masks are highly encouraged when entering our building. We continue to monitor CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of all clients, volunteers, and staff.

Residential Supervisor – Storey Lane Chateau

We are a 30 year-old nonprofit community of 15 independently living adults with various intellectual (non-physical) disabilities located in Dallas off of Northwest Highway. The position of “In-house Supervisor” has recently become open due to a retirement.


● Ensures all Residents understand and can successfully practice safety drills and other safety procedures.
● Recognizes potential crisis or emergency situations, analyzes accurately, develops strategies to deal with events
and acts appropriately. Thereafter, conducts follow-up with Management and Caregiver/Guardian(s), if
● Reviews and guides residents on overall safety standards and cleanliness of their homes and personal hygiene.
● Maintains knowledge of internal safety and fire regulations and procedures, along with emergency procedures.
Supervisors will ensure health and safety standards are maintained.

● Ensures all requirements are met to provide safe transportation i.e., proper driver’s license, inspection, and vehicle
maintenance for SLIL vehicles.
● Provides transportation for group activities and coordinates driving responsibilities with other staff.
● Ensures proper maintenance of all SLIL vehicles.

● Plan, schedule and facilitate monthly House meetings to disburse information and provide an open forum for
discussion, and concerns.
● Conducts monthly routine safety and maintenance checks of the building’s shared areas and coordinates repairs in
a timely manner.
● Collection, safeguarding and routing of Residents’ monthly fees and coin operated washers and dryers, where
● Answer phone, email communication and in-person questions or problems promptly and appropriately.
● Develops and maintains all administrative requirements as directed by employee’s manager.
● Responds to routine queries regarding the organization and services provided.
● Operates office equipment such as: computer, photocopies, facsimile machines, printers, and reports.
Communicates with the Condo Board to arrange for supplies and repairs.
● Ensures all required documentation is complete and accurate.
● Tracks and records activities, overall resident participation, outcomes, both negative and positives results.
● Coordinates care, within facility, with any Resident Assigned Provider, such as personal nurse or therapist.
Follows any given guideline from the provider within the Supervisor’s scope of work.

● Manages crisis intervention, behavior interventions, and life skills training both on a one-to-one basis and in a
group environment.
● Assists Guardian/ Caregivers in identifying and understanding potential problems demonstrated with
residents. Provides input to professionals upon request from Caregivers/Guardian, and when within the scope of
the program, implements individual strategies to support the resident
● Monitors ongoing physical, mental, and emotional health of each resident and assists with daily life skills and/or
behavior management training. Alerts Caregiver/Guardian of any substantial changes or issues.
● Acts as a positive role model for residents, providing life skills training and behavior management. Depending on
client type, may communicate need with hygiene, grooming, obtaining, and taking medication.
● Provides emotional support and feedback to Residents, Caregivers/Guardians.
● Assigns, supervises, and promotes resident’s Resident Chore List as it applies to the facility’s shared areas.
● Identifies social, economic, recreational, and educational services in the community that will meet Residents’

● Provides management, with input, regarding program development, including suggestions for improvements.
Participates in program evaluations.
● Fosters positive working relationships with all other staff members.
● Uses extreme confidentiality, in all matters.
● Collaborating with the duplicate Residential Supervisor, creates a monthly activity calendar reflecting combined
building activities and identification of drivers to specific activities. Distribute approved calendar to appropriate
● Provides support and positive feedback to fellow staff and vendors.

● Plans, develops, implements, and evaluates recreational, social and/or educational activities for residents served
by the organization.
● Implements a welcoming, positive fun, enjoyable overall learning atmosphere to encourage participation in
programs and activities.

This is not a group home.  The position is comparable to a ‘college dorm mom’ or dad position who helps lead and guide.  There  is a requirement to live on-site. An apartment is provided.

For information, contact:  Hazel Korol at

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