Services for Adults & Their Families

General Services for Special-Needs Adults

Assessment of Abilities & Needs
A psycho-educational evaluation—to identify strengths and emotional, social, psychological, or academic needs—is the first step toward developing a plan to support the individual and family.

Individual Counseling for Adults with Special Needs
We provide one-on-one counseling for adults with special needs, helping individuals identify and understand their feelings, and develop appropriate skills and behaviors to better cope with them.

Case Management
We provide case management for those whose needs are best met by an individual to coordinate a variety of services.

Family Counseling
Our counselors work with the whole family to address each person’s needs and their interrelationships.

Personal Resource Organizers
Our volunteer can help with paperwork (such as checking accounts, bill paying, etc.) for special-needs adults.

Psychiatric Consultation
A consulting psychiatrist is available should those services be necessary.

Social Skills Groups for Adults with Special Needs
An opportunity to socialize and develop the skills needed to make and keep friends.

Employment Services for Special-Needs Adults

Testing and Assessment for Employment Purposes
Our experts help identify suitable career paths based on abilities, personal interest, and talents.

Job-Search Training
We teach the skills needed to find a job and help the individual implement those skills.

Job Development and Placement
Our professional staff works with local employers to find the right employment match for adults with special needs.

Age-Appropriate Play Therapy for Children
We provide age-appropriate play therapy for children, to help them understand their feelings, and develop appropriate skills to better cope with them. We also provide individual counseling for parents as appropriate.

Interview Training
Our experts help special-needs adults prepare for job interviews, including interview rehearsals and analysis.

Job Coaching
We help special-needs adults with on-the-job coaching for as long as is necessary.

Long-Term Coordination with Employer
Jewish Family Service maintains our relationship with the employer of special-needs adults to support the best possible working relationship between employer and employee.


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