Parenting Education

Experienced Jewish Family Service professionals provide information and guidance to help mothers and fathers achieve their own parenting goals—and the best for their children. For more information about any of these services, please contact the Coordinator of Services for Children and Adolescents at 972.437.9950.

Individual Parent Guidance
Our licensed professionals offer one-on-one counseling to the parents of young children or teens, to help them better understand their children’s development, to improve family communication, and to reinforce and support age-appropriate behaviors.

Family Counseling
If a child or teen has an issue that involves the entire family, our licensed professionals offer counseling for the child or teen and other family members together.

Mother / Daughter Workshop
“Weaving Webs of Womanhood” strengthens families by helping
elementary-school-aged daughters develop a strong identity, healthy mother-daughter relationship, self-esteem, and leadership skills.

Parenting of Children in Social Skills Groups
Parents in this group (whose children participate in the Jewish Family Service Social Skills Group) learn how to be supportive and to reinforce the skills their children are learning. .

Parenting Children Who Have Witnessed Abuse and/or Been Abused
This group offers parenting help for women or men whose children have been abused or witnessed abuse in their families. Daytime and evening groups are available.

Parenting Children with Disabilities
This group focuses on parenting help when a child in the family has an emotional, psychological, or learning disability.

Parenting for Divorcing or Recently Divorced Parents
In this “Intelligent Divorce Course,” each separated or divorced parent learns how to maintain healthy communication with his/her spouse and how to help their children through the difficult time of the parents’ divorce.

Parenting for Single Parents
This group provides support for parents who are raising one or more children as a single parent.

Parenting for Step-Parents
This group focuses on the special issues faced by parents in blended families, with children of any age..

Support Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs
This group is for parents whose children have special needs, whether physical, mental, or emotional.


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